Thursday, 30 January 2014

Body By Baby

I read a lot of articles by new mothers who boast about not caring what their bodies look like post-delivery, or commenting that the only thing they focused on was their baby. This may have been my experience after initially coming home from the hospital, but now that I am starting to recover from my C-section and feel more like myself mentally, I'm starting to notice how unlike myself I feel physically. 

I should probably note that pre-baby I was never considered thin and I never had a muscular physique, but I did like to stay somewhat active.  I have always walked, and even graduated to running for a bit. I did yoga for a few years, loved it. Did Zumba for a while, loved it too. And when I moved to Malta, despite all the wine and gelato, I managed to lose some excess weight mainly from walking everywhere out of necessity, as we don't have a car here. 

Since I didn't have a scale throughout my pregnancy, I only found out just before having Dorian how much weight I gained, about 25 pounds or so.  I know I was lucky. Most of my weight was in my belly and chest area, with a little bit of swelling in my legs and almost no weight in my arms and face. 

I didn't really pay attention to my eating after giving birth, and it was the holidays.  And hey! I was celebrating! It's Christmas and I have a baby!

It turns out getting over the holiday indulgence combined with just having had a baby it not the best combination. I actually gained about five pounds from the time I came home from the hospital to last week. 

I can hear you now. "How you look doesn't matter! There are more important things to be worrying about, like enjoying your son!" And I am. I don't sit around obsessing about my extra belly fat or lamenting the fact that my breasts seem to be taking over the world. I accept that I may not be wearing a bikini ever again and know I was damn lucky to be wearing one at 39. I'm just not quite ready to succumb to the world of mom jeans.

The truth is that my appearance does directly affect how I feel about myself, and a lot of people, I suspect, feel the same way. When I put on a little make-up, I feel better about myself. When I am moving around more and exercising, I have more energy. For me, totally abandoning my body is a sign that something is wrong.

So I'm backing off the bread. And the sweets, including the Nutella (sob). I had my post-natal appointment last week and was given the go-ahead to start light exercises. I'm actually looking forward to becoming more active again, as even my walking around the island was hindered considerably towards the end of the pregnancy. 

I would love to know what exercises worked post-baby for my friends who have given birth, or who haven't and have a deeper knowledge of fitness than I do. I don't have a huge amount of time to be working out and will likely be trying to squeeze in a few reps while the baby is sleeping, so exercises that pack a punch and can be done at home are welcomed.  Any advice on this subject is appreciated! 

This is the last one I swear


  1. I'll be with you working out and getting more energetic myself soon.

  2. And I would just walk around lots while holding or pushing Dorian. And also, incorporate holding Dorian in odd positions while doing yoga. I think that should work well to get started.